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Born in southern Brazil, Heloiza earned her art degree at Escola de Belas Artes Alvares Penteado in São Paulo. At university she experimented with different media and art forms: sculpture, ceramics, pastels and oil painting. After graduation, employment in interior decoration and the textile industry further refined her affinity for texture and color.

Her postings and travels in Asia exposed her to a new aesthetic and a fresh world of images and inspired her to create expressive arrangements

Triggered by images and feelings, my creative process is one that I believe reflects my endless search for elements that represent the east in form, simplicity and beauty. With that approach in mind I use my contemporary style and revisit nature, introducing a new light into some of the most traditional and revered elements in Asian art and culture.

Heloiza Montuori

Her postings and travels in Asia exposed her to an aesthetic and fresh world of images and symbols, and inspired her to create  expressive works of art.

HM’s ongoing love affair with Japan led to her scroll-size series featuring bamboo, flowers, teapots, lanterns, slippers, and brushes. In the scroll series, as in all of her abstract work, the bold spectrum of grays woven with browns nearly upstage the main form; texture creates movement, color suggests mood, and the layers of both show abundant energy.  In all of her work, she observes mood and contrast, especially concentrating on the balance between emptiness and fullness, between dark and light.

HM paints with oil on linen canvas, using the palette knife as the primary tool to shape, layer, and scrape.  “What I enjoy most about oil painting is the flexibility to work at length on a canvas and experiment with it, making changes as my imagination suggests.”  The palette knife enables her to build up texture and at the same time create a sense of three-dimensional images.  Through this technique of layering, the surface is rich not only in texture but also in volume and color, creating pieces which are full of movement and energy. In some works, she varies the topography of the canvas by scraping layers of paint to reveal colors underneath.

My aim is to absorb and, through my paintings, to recapture

—not to duplicate but to appropriate, to translate traditional elements into a contemporary medium and show the ability and even the harmony of traditional and contemporary sharing a canvas. I hope that those who view my paintings, who consider their composition, come away with that idea.

Past Exhibitions

Taiwan 1999

Taiwan 2000 solo

Shanghai 2003 solo

Singapore 2003 solo

Singapore 2005 solo

Singapore 2006 solo

Bangkok 2006


Shanghai 2007 solo

Beijing 2008 solo

Bamboo/Bamboo 2008


Artaid 2010

Singapore 2011 solo

São Paulo 2013

Singapore 2016

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