BRIDGES: Between the Seen and Unseen I’m disinclined to climb a tower and observe distant green mountains For years I have preferred to close my door and paint from the heart Pale ink transmits a visible landscape This lone peak lies somewhere between the seen and unseen.

– Huang Jie

Ample in color and life, this collection exhibits in Bangkok in the fall of 2006. Bright apples and fish are set against monochrome backgrounds, persimmon trees explode with orange, and lotus pods huddle into bouquets. With an affinity for things geometric, HM introduces Wheels and Squares and revisits Sunset. She also further explores beige, black, and white pieces, producing highly textured, subtle forms like Water and Pots, monochromes in Bubbly and Camellia, as well as bold abstract like the Infinity series.

Painting Exhibits