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Bridges : Heloiza Montuori

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It’s time for Brazil in Singapore

Brazilian talents in Singapore.

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Expat Living

True Colours

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Viva Brasil!

April 2007
Brazilian art with an oriental flair.

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12th Annual Tell Connoisseurs Auction

26th October 2007
A charity event to benefit the work of Tokyo English life line.

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Home Plus Living

This home comes alive once you step in to experience its interiors that take you on a pleasure trip.

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Living Spaces

A Brazilian artist elevates the style quotient of her home through expressive art works, attention to detail and a touch of nostalgia.

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What does one think of rental homes? They are usually plain, boring and come with perfunctory features. Not in the case of Heloiza Montuori, who has a predilection for interior design and home decoration. The feisty and affable Brazilian, who has a home in Singapore, was commissioned to do up this flat in the financial district of Sao Paulo. She envisioned it to be warm, colourful, lived-in and most importantly, rich in personality. Heloiza beams, “A home is nothing without serious thought about its objects, spatiality and the smaller details that make you feel welcomed. You can have four bland walls and throw in furniture and that does not make it a home. You need to be mindful about what engages the denizens – colour, shape, details and textures. It’s all about an experience.”

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Correio Lageano

16th November 2013
Série de reportagens do CL alusivas ao aniversário de Lages vai mostrar histórias como a da artista Heloiza Montuori, que atua no Camboja

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Brilliant Touch

Brazilian artist and home decorator Heloiza Montuori uses her Singapore home as an inspiring three-dimensional canvas that emanates warmth and personality.

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Article on Siemens

16 April 2008
The second Siemens Art Refrigerator Exhibition was held at Loft 3 Art gallery. As many as 28 painted refrigerators were exhibited at the event, which raised money to help improvised women deliver children.


Home Concepts Singapore

March 2006
A Walk through History

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Dragon TV

Interview for a  chinese tv station | April 2003
The one hour interview by the Shanghai TV station was for a program highlighting persons of interest in the foreign community. With an ” East Meets West” undercurrent, this program was interested in Heloiza’a adaptation of Asian elements and themes. Its broadcasting coincided with the exhibition at the Hong Merchant Gallery as the first non-asian artist.


TTV Taipei

Special featured by TTV Taipei , Taiwan | November 1999
One hr program which focused on emerging foreign artists. The program focused on Asia’s influence on Heloiza’s artistic sensibilities as well as on the motifs, color, texture, style and mood. This program was also broadcast in Mainland China.

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