Collection 2010

13 November 2010
Showcasing Heloiza’s Private Collections and all new works.


Celebration 2010

24 April 2010
An exhibition and auction of contemporary and children’s art to benefit Caring for Cambodia



Brazilian artist Heloiza Montuori has been living and exhibiting her work in Asia for more than ten years. Her highly textured and brightly colored oil paintings capture bamboo, persimmons, lotus pods, and other Asian motifs, revealing an artist who bridges East and West with unusual flair. This exhibition marks Heloiza’s debut in Beijing.



Born in southern Brazil, Heloiza earned her art degree at Escolar de Belas Artes Alvarez Penteado Sao Paolo. At university she experimented with different media and art forms: sculpture, ceramics, pastels and oil painting. After graduation, employment in interior decoration and the textile industry further refined her affinity for texture and color.

Her expressive arrangement of carp, orchids, persimmons, apple and other motifs from natural world reveal an artist who bridges East and West with unusual flair.

“Triggered by images and feelings, my creative process is one that I believe reflects my endless search for elements that represent the east in form, simplicity and beauty. With that approach in mind I use my contemporary style and revisit nature, introducing a new light into some of the most traditional and revered elements in Asian art and culture”

HM paints with oil on linen canvas, using the palette knife as the primary tool to shape, layer, and scrape. The palette knife enables her to build up textures and at the same time create a sense of three-dimensional images. Through this technique of layering, the surface is rich not only in texture but also in volume and color, creating pieces which are full of movement and energy.

“My aim is to absorb and, through my paintings, to recapture – not to duplicate but to appropriate, to translate traditional elements into a contemporary medium and show teh ability and even the harmony of traditional and contemporary sharing a canvas.”


Art Connects People

And such connections are at the heart of making a positive differences in people’s lives.

Caring for Cambodia is proud to launch a series of limited edition gift cards:
Adding Color to Our Lives Volume I, II and III.


HM Collection 08

Heloiza is bringing her art back after 2 years hiatus due to exhibitions overseas. Her collection captures blooming flowers – from Lotus to Lilies to Magnolias. She also briefly visits her beloved Persimmons and Bamboo. New to the oeuvre, the Saffron series portrays Monks, inspired by visits to Cambodia


Between the Seen & Unseen

Art in honour of Caring for Cambodia.


Art Aid

An event to Benefit Caring for Cambodia.
Heloiza travelled to Cambodia and conducted  painting workshop at one of our schools. The results are evident in the beautiful collection of children’s art in the silent auction.


Siemens Event

Heloiza Montuori was this year invited by Siemens to take part in the company’s corporate social responsibility event which combined art with community outreach. The only non-Asian artist and one of two non-Chinese artists among the group of 28, Heloiza was given a Siemens refrigerator to paint using her own style as part of the Mother & Child Safety Project, a Siemens collaboration with the China Association for Poverty Alleviation focusing on maternal health of women in Yunnan province. The traveling exhibition of 28 refrigerators kicked off in Beijing with showings in several locations including the Loft 3 Gallery in the 798 Art District, Xizhimen Mall, Shih Kong Place, and Oriental Plaza. The refrigerators will travel throughout China and the show will culminate in a charity auction to be held in the Fall of 2008.

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