1999 – 2000

HM’s Taiwan collection captures her experimental side as it contains a wide array of motifs and color schemes all knitted together by her highly-textured, multi-layer style created primarily by the palette knife.  HM held two exhibitions in Taipei, both at private venues.  HM’s geometric paintings are a distinct component of this collection. The Sunset series as well as Rooftops and Cosmic demonstrate an ability to control and create balance while infusing motion through irregular texture and surprise through unexpected dabs of color.  Fruit remains a consistent element for HM.  Consistent too is the way she “geometrizes” apples, pears, and persimmons and, instead of relying on shape to create depth, she creates it through texture.  Like the symbols, the color scheme in the Taiwan collection vary—from flaming reds and oranges, to rich browns and cream, to vivid blues and greens.  Yet, what makes this collection “made in Taiwan” are the Asian elements: fish, orchids and the consistency of the vibrant colors like the red blocks and vivid blue sky backgrounds. And it is these elements that take root and come to blossom in her work.

Painting Exhibits